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Finding temporary car or van insurance for drivers under the age of 25 can be tricky. However, fortunately there are a few different providers who, depending on individual circumstances, can offer cheap fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft policies for young drivers, whether you need the cover for a month, week or anywhere between one day to 28 days.

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Here are a few fictional scenarios where short term insurance for those aged 17 to 24 may be a solution. These are purely written for demonstration purposes only and should not be considered as personal financial advice.

Scenario 1

A 23 year old careful male driver has been driving since he was 18 and has built up a decent discount on his standard annual policy via his No-Claims Bonus. His ex-pat cousin, who is now a non-UK resident living overseas, is coming over for a 22 day tourist trip and would like to share some of the driving while he is here. Rather than add his cousin as an additional named driver, it may be prudent for the foreign visitor to get their own independent temp insurance policy while they are here. For those holding an international non-EU (European) license, it can be harder to get covered if the second driver is not a citizen of Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa, India or New Zealand.

Scenario 2

Kate is a provisional license holder, learner driver aged 19, who has been learning to drive for less than a year and wants a few more lessons with her driving instructor and a bit more practice before booking a test date. There are now specialist polices available hoping to cater for learners who have yet to pass their test but would like to be insured on their own or someone else’s car, assuming the vehicle hasn’t been modified, impounded, seized, and the cover won’t be used for import or export purposes.

Scenario 3

John is only 21 years of age but has built up 9 penalty points on his license. Fortunately he has no convictions or other driving offences such as drink driving, DR10, DR210 or been disqualified through a ban. However some providers will only accept a maximum of 7 or 8 penalty points when issuing temporary cover so John may have to hunt around to get the best deal.

Scenario 4

A 20 year old female student is a brand new driver has just passed their test 5 days ago, getting her hands on her full license for the first time. She would love to get on the road straight away and wants to be insured on her parents’ vehicle for 14 days which she is hoping to borrow for a touring holiday around Europe via Germany, France and Spain, with her friends. For newly qualified drivers like this, getting a low cost quick online quote can sometimes be difficult as a requirement is often the driver needs to have held their license for 6 to 12 months or longer.

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